Daylight In The Swamp

"Music with a Bluegrass Accent"

Band Members and Bios

Dave Bacholl - Bass/Vocals


 Dave has been a mainstay of the Madison music scene for over 20 years. He began playing upright bass in 1994. His musical diversity spans the spectrum of acoustical rock, blues, country, and bluegrass.

Dave has performed with many successful local bands including The Cajun Strangers, Moonhouse, The MadCity Jug Band, Northern Comfort, and Down from the Hills.

Dave is also an accomplished guitar player, proficient in all genres.

Dave answers to the nickname of Bass-Dog. The other band members know there's a story in there somewhere, but Dave refuses to expound.

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Ryan Gallagher - Guitar/Vocals


Ryan Gallagher burst onto the Madison music scene just a few short years ago. His strong lead and rythm guitar work, coupled with his solid bluegrass vocals, made him an instant favorite at jams and open stage events. When he and Dave Goodwin met up at a bar in Jefferson, Wisconsin, with their instruments, Daylight in the Swamp was born.

Ryan, like the other members of Daylight in the Swamp, is a multi-instrumentalist, spending his "off" time playing banjo. When not performing for humans, Ryan enjoys playing to his pet chickens.

Ryan's original song composition, Tornado, recently placed third in the nationally acclaimed American Songwriter competition.

Ryan also plays with the bluegrass band The Pine River Boys.

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Dave Goodwin - Banjo

Trained as a classical violinist, Dave took up the banjo at age 16, after hearing his 13 year old cousin win the Arkansas State Banjo Championship. Dave is mostly self taught, but has studied with Bill Evans and Alan Munde.

Dave has experience in recording, TV, and radio. His former band, The Weekend Wages, toured the Ukraine. In addition to The Weekend Wages, other successful bands he has played with include Pony Express, Potluck, and the 70’s disco group Captain Groovy.


Dave is a former member of the Northeast Arkansas Symphony and currently plays violin with The Madison Studio Orchestra. He has also performed with Rock Valley College’s The Starlight Theatre in Rockford, IL.


Dave claims to have played with Union Station many years ago before Alison Krauss was famous. However, since no photographic, video, or audio evidence exists, some are skeptical.


As part of an event highlighting Dane County composers, Dave played banjo with the Madison Studio Orchestra in a performance of his original banjo song, Pizza for Breakfast.


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Jim Lottridge - Mandolin & Dobro/Vocals



Jim is the newest member of Daylight in the Swamp. The band had been looking for a mandolin player with a solid "chop" who could also supply lead and harmony vocals. It was a tough order to fill. But when the other members heard about Jim, and experienced his talent and drive at a rehearsal, they realized their quest was over. The Holy Grail had been found. Jim immediately joined the group.

Jim's musical prowess spans the gamut of country, rock, blues, and bluegrass. He is an expert on multiple instruments including guitar, mandolin, and dobro. He claims to also play the piano. But, his profile picture notwithstanding, none of the other band members have been brave enough to actually listen.

Jim may be best known for his electric guitar work in performances with Madison music legend Kevin Tubb and the Lonely Stars. Jim has also performed with the bluegrass band Down from the Hills..

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Jon Vriesacker - Fiddle/Vocals

 Jon Vriesacker is a member of the Madison Symphony Orchestra and has worked with Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Gunther Schuller. He studied at the Berklee College of Music with Matt Glaser and has a Bachelor of Music degree from UW-Madison.

Jon also has significant experience playing jazz, bluegrass and other improvised styles. He has soloed with the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra and been featured with violin legends Johnny Frigo and Johnny Gimble. Jon has played on promotional materials for Lands' End and Miller Brewing and can be heard on recordings from Willy Porter, Freedy Johnston and Garbage.

Jon also played on “Al Otro Lado del Rio” from the movie The Motorcycle Diaries, which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2005.

Jon teaches private lessons in Madison and works with all levels of students on classical violin, jazz and fiddling.

Jon's funniest concert experience: He arrived at an out-of-town show and realized he had forgotten his violin, so he played the gig on a borrowed mandolin.

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